Vitamins for women

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    With family and work, come a lot of responsibilities. In the bargain, women are often found to neglect their health. However, there are some essential vitamins that women cannot ignore. These vitamins will not just keep your energy levels high but will also take care of your well being. Vitamins are essential chemicals which are necessary to help the body function properly. As one ages, it is necessary to increase the intake of vitamins not only for younger looking skin as well as ensuring good health and a fortified immune system.

    1. Vitamin A
      Vitamin A rich foods are Spinach, Whole eggs, Liver, Milk, Papaya, Red pepper, Peach, Fortified cereals.
    2. Vitamin D
      This vitamin is a fat soluble vitamin that is obtained mainly from sunlight as well as from Fatty fish, Milk, Eggs, and Liver.
    3. Vitamin K
      The main sources of vitamin K are Green leafy vegetables, Soybean oil, Fish oil, Whole grain food products. As one ages, vitamin K is necessary in maintaining the bone health as well as normal blood functions.
    4. Vitamin E
      The main food items that are rich in vitamin E are Hazelnuts, Corn oil, Cod liver oil, Almonds, Spinach, Sunflower seeds.
    5. Vitamin B12
      It is best to incorporate the following food items in one’s diet to ensure that this vitamin is taken in right proportions. Main sources of vitamin B12 include Cheese, Fish, Eggs, Meat, Yogurt, Milk.
    6. Vitamin C
      Most women are aware of the benefits of vitamin C and its sources as it helps to boost the immunity levels. There are many vitamin C enriched fruits and vegetables such as Broccoli, Grape fruit, Kiwi, Pepper, Oranges, Tomatoes, Sprouts, Strawberries.


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