Things Your Dietitian Knows Better Than a Doctor


When it comes to anything related to your health, a general physician is the first person that comes to your mind. After all, they are responsible for treating us with different diseases, chronic illness and help us live a healthier life.

However, there are certain health matters that the GP is not able to advise on. This is when a registered dietitian can help you take the right decision regarding your health, diet, and nutrient. Here are few things that dietitians specialize in. Keep on reading!

Individualized nutrition

Dietitians have taken up a course in nutrition counseling and work on a large number of customers on an everyday basis. Therefore they have good knowledge of their skills and can easily determine which eating pattern is right for them. While doctors and dietitian often work together, it is the dietitian who focuses on the nutritional needs of the patient.

Diet according to a medical condition

There are many people out there who don’t realize the importance of eating a diet according to their medical condition. Dietitians have complete knowledge of what should be given to a patient and which food groups must be avoided. Therefore, they can easily provide you with a detailed advice on food that you must eat to stay healthy.

Food trends

A dietitian always stays on top of the food trends and has complete knowledge about the new food groups that may be making their entry. They have a good understanding of the subject.

Patient’s lifestyle

Registered dietitians are more likely to spend a large amount of time with their patients than a general physician can. A dietitian will interview the patient about their medical history, different medicines they may be taking and more. He will even ask the patient about his lifestyle and provide education that is tailored made for each patient.

If a patient wants to make a healthy change to his diet and eating habits, a registered dietitian is a person who will help him the most with that transition.