Summer tips


A must for summers – Hydration. stay well hydrated this summer with following tips-

check the following pointers:-

• Do not drink more than 2 – 3 cups of tea/coffee during summer; it tends to dehydrate your body. It is diuretic that leads to loss of water from body
• Ensure 8 – 10 glasses of water each day
• Load yourself with water based fruits & vegetables like watermelon, musk melon, apple, peach, blueberries, kiwi, cucumber, zucchini etc

• Make yourself a fruit salad:-
a) Toss your favorite seasonal fruit mangoes, strawberries with plain yoghurt and honey to suit your taste
b)Take cubes of cucumber, add it to curd. Flavor it with a tempering of olive oil + curry leaves + mustard seeds + slit green chilies

• Make a glass of fruit juice: –
a) Deseed water melon & freeze for 20 minutes. Take it and blendrise it; add a pinch of black salt, white pepper powder & lime juice to add a zing to your drink
b) Blend 2 tsp of mint with lime juice, water, ice & ginger juice. Serve it chilled; garnished with mint leaves
• Cold soups like gazpacho is a good option too


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