So Here Are Some Lesser Known Dietitian Facts

Ok, have you ever thought about thatwho plans our breakfast, school and office lunch box, meals for sports person or athletes in world competitions or foods for sick patients in hospitals?
No, you are absolutely wrong here — not your mother.
It is only a dietitian who plans our healthy meals.
Dietitian is a person who plans your diet according to your body’s need.
As we all know, dietitian plays a very import role in a healthy lifestyle. They are an integral part of our society who helps us to guidewhat should we eat and at what time. Nalini Dietition is diet consultant, If you are looking for best diet consultant in chandigarh.
As we all celebrated Dietitians’ Day on 13 Marchthis year.
So, today I would like to share some interesting Dietitians facts that you might not be aware of regarding your healthy eating.
I hope you will enjoy them.
  • The word ‘Dietetics’derives from the Greek word ‘Diaita’ which means ‘way of life’.
  • The Nutrition and Dietetics unit was started 15 years agoby only threedietitians.
  • A dietitian has a degree in Nutrition and Dietetic which is not offered in Singapore. Therefore, all our dietitiansare educated overseas!
  • Dietitians are caring individuals who translate the science of nutrition in a motivational and inspirational speech.
  • According to Science;Nutritionists and Dietitians are the two different individuals as well as the terms.
  • Dietitians do not simply teach patients to watch their diets. They motivate and inspire their clients with the help of counselling in regards to good food choices, and eating behaviour to meet their nutrition needs.
  • Dietitians working in hospitals or healthcare facilities are called Clinical Dietitians.
  • Dietitians play a vital role in providing nutrition help for people who are or at risk of being malnourished.
  • Dietitians prevent their clients with the harmful nutrition advice which they receive from various unregulated and unqualified sources.
  • Last but not least, as like us, Dietitians are also human beings and they enjoy their food as much as you do too!
I hope you learned something new today!
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