Does Numeric weight really matters!


One of my patient, (don’t want to disclose her name, she might not like it) walked into my room and I was thrilled to see a fantastic change in her in about 3 months, she looked 2 sizes smaller to me but she was very upset as she didn’t lose any weight this week. I asked if she’s lost any inchesand she told me that she’s fitting into her favourite dress after 3 years. And here it is once again where I m trying to explain her ” ITS NOT ABOUT THE NUMBERS “.

As a nutritionist, I am constantly struggling from last 9 years with educating people and explaining them a very simple thing, “it’s not just about  the number “.  As a student of nutrition we were taught to go by height weight ratio and in my opinion, it’s a redundant concept. Just height to weight ratio is not enough and here’s the reason why you should not just go by numbers on weighing scale :Your weight does matter but to a certain extent. What matters the most is Your “BODY COMPOSITION”, which means what your weight is actually made up of. You could be 55 kgs in weight with a height of 5 feet 3 inches but if your fat percentage is more than 30 percent  you won’t look lean or fit. This happens to a lot of women who constantly LOSE AND GAIN WEIGHT.

They might reach the ideal weight, but because their fat percentage is higher than what it should be, they will always look fatter than their friend who might be a kilo heavier than her but her fat percentage would be in ideal range.

Next time don’t give up or get frustrated or breakdown if you don’t see a change in kilos. Till you are dropping in inches and fitting into a size smaller keep going. You ll do harm to your body if you just go by weighing scale figures.