Know More About Healthy Diet for Breastfeeding Mother

Mother and Baby eating at Home. Happy Smiling Family Portrait

With your baby growing day by day, you too feel hungry like never before. For the first 6 months, the baby is exclusively dependent on his mother as he needs to be breastfed. People generally suggest you eat anything you like as it will not make much of a difference. However, are you thinking about the perfect breastfeeding diet plan that will help you and your child stay healthy and happy?

You can combine traditional and modern ways to enjoy breastfeeding your child in the most successful manner.

  • Well Balanced Diet

Breast milk helps your baby fulfill its nutritional needs. However, if you on a low-calorie diet, or rely on one food group, the quality, as well as the quantity of the mild, can be affected. Therefore in order to make sure your baby and your health don’t suffer, get your hands on proper nutrition.

Moreover, you need strength and stamina to deal with the physical demand of caring for a baby, so indulge in a well-balanced diet. Thus, it is important to eat small frequent meals to keep your hunger in check.

  • Stop Counting Calories

You can never find a single answer to how any calories are enough for a nursing mother. However, in general, a majority of nursing mothers need around 500 calories more than mothers who don’t breastfeed their babies. It is approximately 2000 to 2500 calories.

Therefore, instead of counting your calories, eat whenever you feel hungry. The exact amount of calories depends on a number of factors and can vary from person to person. So if you are tense about putting up weight, get in touch with a dietitian who can provide you with the right guidance.

  • Lose weight in a slow manner

While some new moms are able to shed off the baby fat in a jiffy, others find it difficult to do the same. Losing weight depend on your diet, your body, metabolism and your activity level. Therefore, the best plan here is to lose weight gradually.

Don’t indulge in dieting to lose weight instantly. Rather choose to reduce calories intake in the first few months to shed extra weight. A sudden drop in weight can affect your milk supply so make sure you don’t take any extreme step.

  • Choose Healthy Fats

When it comes to healthy fats, choose canola oil, fatty fish or olive oil along with olives, avocados, and seeds. Limit your daily intake of unhealthy saturated fats that shows up in partially hydrogenated oil, lard, tropical oils, and butter.

Apart from being bad for your health, unhealthy fats are known to alter the fat composition of your breast milk further decreasing its quality. While its long-term effects are not known, trans fats raise LDL which further have an effect on the health of the heart.

Apart from controlling your diet, you should also take vitamins for the first two months or so. While supplements cannot replace a well-balanced diet, they do provide some insurance that you are getting your regular dose of vitamin, minerals, and multivitamins.