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dietitian nalini

Brand: Holistic Consultantancy (trademark) Be Lite Diet Clinic

Name & Designation: Nalini Clinical Dietitian Herbal Consultant (Owner)
Profile: Nalini started this clinic with a zest to educate people what best suited them in food and kitchen spices and herbs. Be-Lite Diet Clinic aims at providing dietary and nutritional services to people with doing little modifications, to know what is the RIGHT FOOD in RIGHT AMOUNT at RIGHT TIME as per your body ayurvedic Prakriti ( body composition) , metabolism and lifestyle.
Childhood: Nalini, since childhood a food lover, the credit of this habit goes to her mother who is still a fantastic cook, a typical Amritsari food, and heartwarming Punjabi nature always been a host of numerous lunches and dinners at her place.
She never planned to be in a Dietetics line, it was her family environment that always laid emphasis on food and outdoor activities and soon this turned into a profession which is not boring 9 am to the 5pm job rather a passion to educate people what best suited them in food and herbs.
Education and Experience: Dietitian Nalini, arted practicing in 2009. With 9 years of experience in the field she has not only delivered success stories but have grown with demand of time to cater the future needs.

Dietitian Nalini, is Post Graduate in Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics. Post Graduate in Yoga Therapy and B.Ed  Yoga from Punjab University Chandigarh and a  qualified Naturopath ( NDDY )

With all this qualification, she has been part of all top fitness centre’s like  burn gym, body zone in Chandigarh as fitness and nutrition consultant .

She has gained experience with co-operates like mahindra retail and IT companies and industries in Baddi as there In-House Diet Consultant and Yoga Therapist.

She has  been actively writing about diet nutrition fitness  for newspapers  like Hindustan Times, The Times of India, Indian Express and magazines.

Associated with the NGO’s and Talent Search Club of Chandigarh and  has been involved in various Health Programmes too.

Introduction about the Brand: Dietitian Nalini’s brand name “Be-Lite” strives to promote healthy living and wellness by providing with a personalized balanced diet that matches with your lifestyle.

 Dietitian Nalini motto “we work with you and for you’.

Be-Lite Diet Clinic is independently operated by Dietitian Nalini and her team since 2009.

Awarded as BEST Diet Consultant  for TWO YEARS in a row- year 2014 and 2015

Gobal LifeStyle Awards  as BEST DIET CONSULTANT in Chandigarh by Prime Time Media , New Delhi year 2014.

Certificate of Excellence by Praxis Media, National Health Care Achievers for year 2015

This year 2017, Be-Lite Diet Clinic is awarded as EXEMPLARY in class DIETITIAN  by Global Achievers Forum

1.  I would say journey has just started, have more miles to go.Till now it’s been a fruitful and learning experience. In my field of Healthcare, counseling and emotional support is important and coming all this to clients from female builds up strong bond indifference to any gender inequality. Strength, patience and as much we love to talk same we love to hear, are the best things about women.

2.  The belief/ trust in women decision making. With globalization and so many women, entrepreneurs coming up in the field still the final verdict needs approval from opposite gender

3. No, I would say not a victim but yes there have been episodes of discrimination. When I used to represent for State Yoga tournaments more weight is given to male participants. I deal with confidence and improving my posture and getting more comfortable with my skills.

4. Pursue a Peaceful life.  When you make one positive choice you open the door for every additional one that follows. If you have passion, follow that and don’t give up in front of any circumstances.

5. It has to be 2 men, my father who strongly advocated the financial independence of women as of men and supported me in taking my first step and my husband who stood still with me in every up and down. I owe my growth and success to both of them.

6.  Yes, definitely quiet a positive change. Be it industrial, financial or political sector growth of women and their recruitment in top positions. It won’t be of surprise by next decade women owning  IT companies,  infrastructure development and compulsion maternity leave for both the parents.

7. Capable women are not striving to be  ” the man of the house”   but beyond that to “the woman of the house”. Women are just WOW – Women of Wisdom and us women should be proud of that.

Dietitian Nalini, 

Clinical Dietitian Herbal Consultant, 

Be-Lite DIET Clinic,

Nutritional Wellness Consultancy and Weight loss Expertise. 

Phone: 9780643002 

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Dietitian Nalini, winner of Best Diet Consultant in Chandigarh award for 2 consecutive years – 2014 and 2015, has helped hundreds of people achieve their weight loss goals. A Post Graduate in Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics, Nalini says that in order to lose weight effectively, you have to eat!