Holidays and Health – How To Stay Fit During Festivity


With Christmas just around the corner, people are definitely going to indulge in a lot of festivity, food and forget all about eating healthy. So it is no surprise that a majority of us will be seeing our waistline expanding during this time. During this time of the year, even the most disciplined healthy eater find it difficult to control their temptations. So how do you stay fit while enjoying all the festivity around?

To help you through the celebrations, we have combined a list of the much-needed advice to stay healthy. Here are few secrets given out by Dietitian Nalini to help people stay fit even during the season of overindulgence.

Keep Moving

In order to stay in shape, make sure you don’t sit for a prolonged period of time. Remember that sitting for a long period of time when eating food, talking to friends or even when watching TV could be dangerous to your health. Do you know a little walk for five minutes after 30 to 60 minutes of continuous sitting reduces the risk of heart disease and diabetes?

Stay Hydrated

While during vacations, we often forget to drink water and keep ourselves hydrated, make sure you do not commit this mistake. Start each day with a plan and make sure to stick to it. Keep a track of your food intake as well as the activity level. The brain sometimes confuses hunger with thirst, therefore, make sure to drink at least six to eight glasses of water throughout the day.

Follow a Schedule

Even amidst all the festivity, make sure to follow a schedule. Get up early in the morning and take out some time to exercise. The holiday season gives you ample reason to skip exercise but don’t lose out your determination. If it is difficult to eat healthy food, make sure to squeeze out time to exercise. Also, try to get a minimum of 6 hours sleep every day.

Be Prepared for the Unexpected

Make sure to prepare yourself for the unexpected. Always keep a bag of healthy food which need not be put in the refrigerator and you can readily eat it when you are feeling hungry. So instead of getting your hands on unhealthy food, grab some healthy food when you want something to eat in bed.

Don’t Get Trapped

Holidays can be tricky and hectic, therefore, when it comes to exercising and healthy eating, try not to fall into the all or nothing trap. During this time of the year, try to get creative with exercise and think about fun and interactive ways to make exercise a fun part of the day. Include your family members as well and make it a family affair. Think outside the box and enjoy some quality time with your family while concentrating on your health.

Indulge for a Night

While Tis The Season to Be Jolly, make sure you indulge for a night rather than indulging for the season. It is easy to forgo healthy eating habits when you are in a party with your friends or when you have leftovers at home. Don’t let the party leftovers attract you. Remember when the party is over, the junk food needs to go as well.

Enjoy the holidays. Have fun with your friends. But do not give the celebration as an excuse for unhealthy eating habits. Also, don’t stress about eating as the more you will stress about food, more will you indulge in unhealthy food. While enjoying the holidays, don’t let a day in overindulgence convert into a month of overindulgence.

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