Enjoy a Healthy Breakfast from Dinner Leftovers


“Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, and supper like a pauper!”

Who ever said this, was never worried about Monday Breakfast. Everybody experiences Monday blue. You just wake up in time to get yourself and the kids dressed that making a breakfast seems like a huge task. So by the time you get up, it becomes almost impractical to prepare and eat a spread worthy of a king. Well, we all know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day and skipping it can slow down your metabolism.


So for all those people who find it difficult to tackle the mornings and prepare the breakfast, you can get your breakfast ready while you are preparing the dinner. Confused? Well, don’t be. We are listing some dinner preparations that will help you plan your tomorrow’s breakfast. These four breakfast foods will help you prepare the meal in a jiffy so that you leave the house on a full stomach.


Breakfast with fried egg and bacon with vegetables

If you find it difficult to wait for 5 minutes to boil an egg, you can boil a dozen eggs on Sunday night and keep them in the fridge. If hard boil eggs are not your thing then you can choose to bake a protein filled wonder for breakfast. Combine a mixture of eggs with shredded chicken and cheese or vegetables for a vegetarian option. Pour the batter in each of the muffin slots and bake. Store each individual egg muffin in a container and place in the fridge or freezer overnight. Just reheat it in the microwave and you can enjoy a hearty breakfast.

porridge and berries

Oatmeal reigns supreme among a choice of good-for-you breakfast grains. While the store bought versions come loaded with sugar, homemade overnight oats make for a healthy and filling breakfast. So take out just five minutes each night and cook up oats to enjoy a delicious breakfast every morning. Upon waking up, a bowl of goodness will be waiting for you.

Snack Boxes
Snack Boxes

While the thought of eating fast food may tempt you, but the cheese laden sandwich or the crumb cake is loaded with fat, calories, and sugar. Therefore, packing up your own snack box is a great idea and it is comparatively a healthier option. Prepare five or more of the snack boxes for a grab and go lunch or breakfast for the days you feel too lazy to prepare an elaborate meal.


No need to go to McDonald’s or Starbucks to get your hands on delicious yogurt parfait. Save yourself some time and loads of money by making the parfaits at home. Layer a cup of Greek yogurt with berries and granola or you can even pick up your favorite toppings to prepare it in a short span of time.

By preparing breakfast ahead of time, you will be sure that you are not going to binge on unnecessary fat laden food and eat healthy. The healthy grab on the go options will help you start off the day on the right note.

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