Dr Nalini the Best Dietitian in Chandigarh


Do you think you are getting all the important nutrients which you need to help prevent various diseases? Well, eating right doesn’t always need to be complicated, as you can make healthier and simpler choices. Are you ready to know more? If so, keep on reading!

The best dietitian in Chandigarh is Dr. Nalini. She has qualified the degree of dietitian and also expert in yoga. According to her, when planning to eat right, you should look for food low in saturated fats.

This will help lower the risk of heart diseases. You should focus on a variety of food groups rather than concentrating on a single group of food. Remember to eat dark green vegetables and vary your protein choices.

Nalini is best dietarian and yoga expert considered around the tricity as she won awards during 2014 and 2015. She is an expert in yoga. Be-Lite Diet Clinic is independently operated by DIETITIAN NALINI in Panchkula. With the help of yoga, one can get a healthy body and mind. As everyone knows that “health is wealth” so people should do yoga on regular basis.

Yoga is a discipline to improve or develop one’s inherent power in a balanced manner. It is a technique of breathing which helps to reduce weight as well as it acts as a stress buster. Yoga is easy and cheapest way to lose weight as compared to other physical activities.

The diet chart given by Dr. Nalini is best for the health as well as the mind. People who follow the diet chart by the Expert lose 4 to 5 kg weight in a month. If you are health conscious and you want a slim figure, then you must follow the diet given by our expert.

You can also check multitude video by Dr. Nalini on our website. Diet is not only to reduce weight it also keeps you fit and healthy and people can also away from many diseases such as obesity and heart and liver diseases.

Benefits of yoga provided by us

As everyone is aware about the yoga, helpful to us in many ways, some of them are as follows:

  • For healthy mind and body: Nalini is excel in yoga training, as she tells different types of yoga which are quite simple and easy to do, as yoga keeps our mind and body fit and healthy, so you should try it as soon as possible.
  • Weight loss: Many people nowadays are having overweight; to get rid of the unnecessary weight one should try yoga as suggested by Dr. Nalini. With the help of Dr. Nalini, you may get results within a week.
  • Away from diseases: If you follow yoga activity on a regular basis as per considered by Dr. Nalini then you will be away from many diseases like heart diseases, obesity and so on.
  • Level of concentration: In this highly competitive world; folks suffer from worry and tension which cause lack of concentration power, if you would join yoga classes of Dr.Nalini then this will definitely assist you to improve your concentration level.
  • Sharpen mind as well as calm you: By joining the yoga classes of Dr.Nalini you may able to calm yourself as well it will refresh your mind and sharpen your brain as well.

To recapitulate, Dr. Nalini is the best dietitian as well as best yoga expert in Chandigarh. If you want to lose your weight in a shorter time then you should not miss this opportunity.