The Curse Of Crash Diets


With their promise of ‘instant’ weight loss, crash diets may seem like an appealing option to lose weight. Crash diets make you lose weight by decreasing the calorie intake to less than 700 calories a day. Juice Diet, Cabbage Soup Diet, Grapefruit Diet, Master Cleanse etc. are some examples of crash diets.

Besides being difficult and restrictive, crash diets are also very harmful for the body since they put the body under a lot of duress. They negatively affect your metabolism, cause nutritional deficiencies, make you feel tired, and the weight loss is also not permanent. Repeated crash diets can, in the long run, cause more harm than good to the body. Alongwith the detrimental effects on health, crash diets can also cause very serious


  • A change in your diet pattern may affect your sleep, which in turn will impact the skin because sleep deprivation will strip it of its natural regenerative process.

  • The body undergoes acute stress during crash diets. This stress translates to pale and tired looking skin.

  • The nutrients that nourish your skin are taken away during crash diets, leading to dull skin. Without these nutrients, your skin cannot repair itself.

  • Crash diets also accelerate the skin ageing process and lead to dryness, wrinkles and fine lines.

  • Lack of adequate nutrition will affect your hair growth and slow down the growth of new hair. You may also notice more hair fall and brittle hair during a crash diet.

  • Rapid weight loss leads to loss of skin elasticity leading to sagging skin.

In short, crash diets are not the right solution for weight loss. One must aim for gradual weight loss so that the body is able to adapt and cope better, and is not under-nourished. A Balanced Diet combined with exercise is the key to healthy weight loss as well as glowing hair and skin.

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Dietitian Nalini, winner of Best Diet Consultant in Chandigarh award for 2 consecutive years – 2014 and 2015, has helped hundreds of people achieve their weight loss goals. A Post Graduate in Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics, Nalini says that in order to lose weight effectively, you have to eat!