How to Celebrate a Healthy Karwa Chauth


If you are a married woman, then you must be aware of the fact that Karwa Chauth is approaching fast. Karwa Chauth is a festival that has a deep religious and spiritual significance. According to Hindu Religion, fasting helps establish a harmonious relationship between the soul and the body, while creating an attachment with God.

Karwa Chauth Fast
Karwa Chauth is a fasting ritual observed by married Hindu women who pray for the long life, prosperity, and well-being of their husband. This is a strict fast where the women are not even allowed to drink water from dawn to dusk. The fast starts before the sunrise and is broken only after offering prayers and worshipping the moon.

Importance of the fast
According to Hindu religion, it is not easy to pursue the path of spirituality. Therefore, a worshipper must impose restrictions to get the mind focused. This is when fasting helps. However, fasting is not only a part of worship rather it helps in self-discipline too. It trains mind and body to endure all hardships and not give up till the end.

If during the Karwa Chauth fast, you want to feel healthier and observe the strict fast, the sargi should be healthy and filling. You should not take too much stress on an empty stomach as it can lead to digestive problems. So here are few things, you should keep in mind while observing the fast.

  • The sargi
    Sargi is a pre-dawn meal which is prepared for the women who is going to keep the fast. Generally, it comprises of salty and sweet fried snacks, dry fruits, milk and other dishes. However, while eating the sargi, make sure you do not eat a lot of sugary or fried food as it will increase your hunger pangs and make you feel thirsty later in the day. Replace sugary fried food with protein-rich food as it will keep you full throughout the day.
  • Drink water and milk
    You will be required to keep a fast in which you will not be allowed to drink water throughout the day, so make sure you drink water and fruit juices with sargi. Drink at least 2 to 3 glasses of warm water as it gets absorbed easily. You can even choose to have a glass of lukewarm milk along with rest of your food.
  • Dry fruits are a good option
    Eating dry fruits as a part of your sargi is a good option as they are loaded with essential fats and proteins. Eating a handful of different nuts such as cashew nuts, almond and more will leave you feeling full for a long time.
  • Eat real food, instead of junk food
    Processed food or junk food can seem to be a convenient option, but it has a lot of sodium, high fructose corn syrup, heart-clogging oils, MSG and more. Therefore, instead of going in with junk food, get your hands on healthy alternatives. Junk foods have empty calories and are void of nutrients. They won’t help you sail through the day, so choose food that is wholesome and full of nutrition.
  • After the fast
    After breaking your fast, avoid indulging in caffeinated drinks. Having tea, coffee or cold drinks on an empty stomach can cause uneasiness by increasing the acidity levels. Instead, choose to drink coconut water or simple water and then eat something.

Karwa Chauth is a beautiful festival where women pray for a long life of their husbands. Nowadays, men are also coming forward and observing a fast for their wives. This festival strength the bond of husband and wife who are ready to do whatever it takes to keep the other person happy and healthy.