Beer Yoga is Going International – Have You Tried It yet?

Beer Yoga

Have you been thinking to get rid of that ever increasing belly fat but can’t stop drinking beer with friends? Well, here’s some good news for all those people who can’t get enough of beer. Now you can drink beer and do yoga to stay fit. Confused? Well don’t be as the trend of Beer Yoga is fast catching up. It is the new buzz for fitness enthusiasts.

It may sound strange but beer yoga is the new way to stay fit and healthy. So grab a drink and lose the extra fat with ease. Germany’s BierYoga is the combination of two greatest loves – Yoga and Beer.

Beer is not-necessarily nutritious beverages but various studies have shown that beer can help strengthen bones, aids in exercise recovery and improve brain function. The practice of Beer Yoga originally hails from Germany but the trend is fast catching up in other countries as well. It is a fun concept but not a joke.

Bieryoga is an hour-long yoga session with a twist. During this session, you drink a bottle or two of the beer while doing yoga. You incorporate drinking beer into yoga poses and make the exercising session more interesting.

The founder of Eat.Yoga.Drink, Erin Sonn said, “I find that teaching traditional yoga in non-traditional places brings people to the mat who otherwise wouldn’t normally start a yoga practice.” He further added that putting up the two most popular activities together make sense and it motivates people to indulge in some form of exercise.

How to do Beer Yoga?

To begin with, you need to take a sip from your bottle and then turn your body into diverse postures. The bliss of tasting the beer and the delight of performing asanas offer divine pleasure that cannot be compared to any other thing.

Who does Beer Yoga?

Anyone who is beyond the legal age to drink beer can indulge in the hour-long session of Beer Yoga. This is for all those beer lovers who like yoga and for all the yogis who love drinking beer.

Yoga helps your connect with your inner self but beer brings people together. It’s clear that Beer Yoga has arrived, but have you tried it yet?