World Environment Day- What Is It And How You Can Contribute

World Environment Day

One of our favorite days in the UN calendar – the World Environment Day which falls on 5 June each year, is here. First held in 1974, World Environment Day (WED) has become a day to celebrate and preserve the natural environment and to encourage global awareness towards the issues in the protection of our environment.

This year UN has chosen the host country for WED as Canada and the theme chosen by Canada for this year’s environmental day activities is “Connecting People to Nature”. It means to motivate people to get more connected towards the beauty of the planet – whether in the sea or the land, and to emphasize the need for the perseverance of this natural beauty for the future generations.

June 5 is just not a day to read and blog about the environmental issues, but a day to take initiative to protect the environment by taking determined steps. Here’s how you can contribute not just today, but each day, to make the world a bit greener!

  1. At the end of office hours, make sure to switch off the PCs and monitors instead of putting them to sleep. If your computer is in a sleep or a hibernation mode, it is still sucking some energy.
  2. Try to limit the use of air conditioning both in the home and at work. The electricity generated in ACs has both global as well as health consequences. As such, try to invest in energy-saving desert coolers or ceiling fans.
  3. To reduce carbon footprints and excessive fuel prices, carpool whenever you can. It is a great way to save your money as well as the environment.
  4. When going out shopping, carry your own cloth or jute bags from home. Say no to the plastic bags offered by grocers and other local shops.
  5. Take some time off from your electronic devices and gadgets and go hiking with friends. Unplug yourself from the Smartphone to connect with the diversity of the nature.
  6. Whenever possible, shop for biodegradable eco-friendly items. This includes but is not limited to make-up products, groceries, clothes, etc.
  7. Make it your habit and a priority to recycle and reuse. Use alternatives to paper wherever you can, such as cotton napkins instead of the paper ones.
  8. Last but not the least, plant a tree today!

To sum it all up, in case you are wondering how you can contribute in personal ways to make Planet Earth a better place without getting broke or going too far, implement these tips in your day-to-day routine activities. After all, it is the small but determined steps that make a major difference in the end.