Tips to Lose Weight with Yoga | The Healthy Way


In our daily hectic schedule, eating healthy and maintaining weight is becoming a difficult task. In order to lose weight we often tend to indulge in crash diets or look for other options that promise quick weight loss. But do you know such unhealthy habits can take a toll on your body? You have to bear the brunt of taking shortcuts later in your life. Therefore, choose a healthy way to shed that extra weight you have been carrying all these years.

Yoga Therapy – Healthy Way to Lose Weight

Do you know yoga is the most effectively and widely practiced workouts to fight the stubborn fat? Yes, you heard it right, yoga therapy can help in weight loss as it increases insulin sensitivity and signals the body to burn food rather than storing it. Here are few yoga asanas that will make losing weight a breeze.

To start with, you will need a yoga mat and no other expensive equipment. You should follow the yoga therapy thrice a week and start with the easier version. As you progress you can challenge yourself and opt for the harder version of the asana. Hold on to each pose for 5 to 8 breaths and adjust the repetitions according to your body needs.

Willow Pose
willow pose yoga

This asana stretches your body and improves the strength, concentration and balance of a person. It energizes the entire body and strengthens the abs.

Stand with feet together, arms at sides. Next, place your left foot sole along the inside of the right thigh and bend the knee to the side. Inhale and touch your palms in front of the chest. On second inhale extend your arms upward and on exhaling the air bend torso to left. Repeat it 3 to 5 times and switch sides.

Hover Pose
You tube Video

This asana stretches the abs, back and shoulders muscles giving your body a firmer look and melting away the fat.

Start by lying parallel to the floor and come in a push-up position. Inhale while keeping your arms straight, body in line and hands below the shoulder. On exhale, lower your chest, bend the elbows back and keep your abs tight, make sure to hold yourself few inches above the floor. To intensify the asana, while exhaling, lift your leg 6 inches above the ground and hold it for a while before switching legs.

Watch this 10 Minutes video to get motivated for YOGA Asanas. Video Link

Apart from indulging in yoga therapy, there are other ways to reduce weight and some of them are:

  • Start by making small changes in your diet and exercising habits and stick to your schedule
  • Increase your exercising levels gradually to burn the unwanted fat
  • Indulge in different forms of exercising such as swimming, running or cycling to keep your motivation level high
  • Control your eating habits and find healthier alternative to emotional eating
  • Set a goal to stay motivated because when you know you have a goal, you will work hard to achieve it

Do you know a lack of sleep can also make you fat? So make sure you indulge in your daily dose of healthy 8-hour sleep to avoid weight gain.