Food Art Ideas – Simple Ways To Make Kids Eat Their Food

Food Art

Your kids may not be a huge fan of food but you can make them eat their food by making it interesting. Most moms will do anything to make their kids eat a nutritious and healthy diet; however, they don’t choose the easiest way to make kids eat their food. From breakfast to lunch and dinner, you can think out of the box and let your kids play with the food. Here are some food art ideas that will definitely work and they are easy to make too.

If you are ready to play around with food, try out these creative and fun recipes for kids that even picky eaters will love to eat!

Pear Penguins

Small kids love penguin and what’s better than a chocolate loaded pear penguin? This frosty, sweet snack will leave your kids asking for more! Create the penguin eyes using white and dark chocolate chips. Nest, use a pastry brush to paint chocolate all over the pear body leaving some space in the front. Lastly, balance the pear on the plate and serve it to your kids.

Wise Owl Fruity Toast

This can be titled as the cutest looking breakfast your kids will ever have. The wise owl toast can impress everybody and not only is it super cute but healthy breakfast too. Split a whole meal breakfast muffin and spread a layer of peanut butter on the slice. Use blueberries, strawberries, and banana to make the wise owl eyes, nose, and feathers. This is a perfect breakfast for your busy mornings.

Pancake Bear

Yet another breakfast idea to make things interesting for your kids in the morning – pancake bear can give a break to monotonous breakfast. This breakfast idea gives an interesting way to add fruits to your kid’s meals and make it a nutritious start to the day! Use a pancake to make the head of the bear and strawberries to make its body and feet. The blueberries can be used to make its eyes and nose.

Sheep Fruit Snack

Introducing fruits to your kid’s meal is important as fruits are loaded with essential vitamin, dietary fibers, and minerals. The sheep fruit snack can be created using different fruits such as banana, black grapes, marshmallow, raisins and green grapes. Cut out the grapes in half and slice the banana. The banana will be used to make the sheep body while the grapes will make its feet, nose, and ears. The marshmallows will be used to make the eyes.

Starry Night Bites

So your kids don’t like rice? Well, there’s an interesting way to make them eat their rice. With great artistic flair and some cookie cutter, you can make the starry nights bites. Use some food coloring to give a dark purple color to your rice. Spread the rice on a plate as it will represent the sky. Next use a cookie cutter to cut out the cheese in the shape of stars and moons. Spread the cheese over the rice and see your kid finishing off this fun recipe in minutes.

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