Children At Work- What We Can Do To Help

child laborer
Before starting with the article, let’s put on some light on trivial facts.India has the highest number of child laborers (12.6 million) in the world. Out of these children, only 14% have received some sort of preliminary education. The government amended the Child Labor Act 1989 since October 2006, but it is mostly...

What’s the Deal with Detox Diets?

It seems everyone is talking about "detox" or considering a "cleanse." Toxins are said to be the problem, but when was the last time anyone explained what detoxes or cleanses actually are? How the Body Naturally Detoxifies Detoxification is a process that the body performs around the clock utilizing important nutrients from the diet. It's the...

International Women’s Day : Urban Melange March 2018 Issue

dietitian nalini
Brand: Holistic Consultantancy (trademark) Be Lite Diet Clinic Name & Designation: Nalini Clinical Dietitian Herbal Consultant (Owner)Profile: Nalini started this clinic with a zest to educate people what best suited them in food and kitchen spices and herbs. Be-Lite Diet Clinic aims at providing dietary and nutritional services to people with doing little modifications, to know what is the RIGHT...

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